Race for Equality campaign launch

As part of Black History month, UNISON’s health team is proud to launch its Race for Equality Campaign. Let’s stamp out racism in the NHS.

More than 70 years after it was founded, the NHS continues to rely on staff from all around the world, and generations of Black staff have made the NHS what it is today. Yet many Black staff in the NHS still face the injustice of racism and inequality at work every day.

Through this campaign, UNISON wants to help staff recognise and challenge racism in the workplace. We aim to support staff – and help them support each other – as we work together to take on racism and deliver an NHS that respects and values all staff.

UNISON will not stand by while Black staff in the NHS continue to face the injustice of racism and inequality at work.

That’s why we want to make tackling racism a core organising and bargaining priority for health branches. The campaign materials aim to support collective action to deliver real change in workplaces. As we develop the campaign we will aim to share examples of what works and add to the briefings and resources on the campaign page.

You can read more about the race for equality campaign here.

Actions for branches

  • Familiarise yourself with the campaign materials
  • Use the Race for Equality leaflet (available from the campaign page as a download or order from the online catalogue stock number 4120) to start conversations with existing and potential members about racism in the workplace
  • Encourage members to talk about their experiences and tell their story
  • Talk to your region about training needs to get your stewards skilled and confident in recognising and tackling the issues
  • Use the Branch action plan – there are lots of practical suggestions  and ideas on how to get involved in this campaign (available as a download from the campaign page)
  • Use the briefings: there is one on disciplinary action, one on career progression and one on bullying and harassment. All are available as downloads from the campaign page and again all have lots of practical suggestions and ideas on how to tackle racism
  • Keep checking the campaign page for updates; as this is a new campaign we will be adding resources as the campaign develops and grows
  • Let the health team know about how you are able to deliver this campaign locally: what issues have you uncovered? What actions have you taken that are working? What are you struggling with? Is there anything more that you need to help tackle racism in your workplace? Email us at health@unison.co.uk