Selling the benefits

The economy is in a crisis. Public services and jobs, and pay and conditions, are under attack. Workers need the protection of a union more than ever. But how do we convince them of that?

We need to convince potential members that UNISON is the union for them and that the benefits of membership provide a real reason to join.

Illustrate your arguments with real-life examples of how the union has been effective in their workplace.

Be honest about the union: don’t make rash promises, but do highlight areas of hope.

The benefits of union membership

At a time when public services and the workers who provide them are under attack on all sides, UNISON is speaking up and campaigning on their behalf.

UNISON campaigns.

By joining UNISON, new members will be part of an organisation that cares as much about public services and the communities they serve as they themselves do.

We are proud to be a campaigning union and are leading the way in defending public services and the jobs of our members.

But more than that, UNISON offers practical help and support.

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Dealing with problems at work

Anyone can face problems at work, but members of UNISON don’t have to face them alone. Whether it’s discrimination, bullying, leave or sickness procedures – wherever potential members work, a UNISON rep will be on hand to help.

More information on ‘Help with issues at work’ .

Help outside work

Our telephone hotline (0800 0 857 857) offers help and advice and can put members in touch with all the services UNISON has to offer, including:

  • legal advice;
  • help for you and your family via our charity UNISON Welfare or There for You;
  • membership benefits, including accident benefit for work-related injuries, insurance packages, mortgages and credit card, discounts on holiday packages and leisure activities.

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Our charity There for you offers advice on issues such as debt and domestic abuse and also helps with financial assistance through our hardship fund.

More information on There for you .

Training opportunities

UNISON opens the door to more and better training through our own courses and our partnership with the Open University.

Our network of union learning reps can advise members and in many cases we have negotiated time off for training with employers, who will also pay for courses.

More information on UNISON learning


Remind potential members they will be part of an organisation that cares about public services, the communities they serve and the workers who provide them – and is dedicated to giving those workers a voice: both within their union and in the wider community.