Work related Stress – Resistance not resilience

3 November 2022 11:00am–2:00pm


Work-related stress, depression and anxiety is the number one cause of sickness absence.

For too long employers have sought to individualise the issue implying that somehow an individual should be able to come or become more resilient to stress.

In no other area of health and safety can an employer suggest that their employees or others effected by the undertakings should develop a resilience to a hazardous substance or activity.

As part of the union’s work on supporting members to tackle and organises collectively around the issues and causes of work-related stress.

This online seminar is free to members and is being held in the run up to  International Stress Awareness Week 2022 ( 7 – 11 November ). It will also see the launch of UNISON’s New Work-related Stress Toolkit

Who is the event for? 

The event is only open to current UNISON members and ideally suited to UNISON health and safety reps, Branch officers and Stewards.

However, members who have an interest in becoming a rep may also attend.

What topics will be covered ?

  • Work related stress – Why Resistance not resilience
  • Suicide – a work related issue
  • UNISON Stress claims protocol?
  • UNISON College – Courses on Mental Health and Work-related stress

Why is the event now online?

Whilst it was planned to be an in-person event, due to the announcement of further planned industrial action within the rail and tube networks on 3 November.  The decision has been taken to change the event to an online rather than in person event .

We are disappointed not to be going ahead with an in-person event, but we anticipate significant travel issues on the alternative methods of transport​ which are likely to be extremely congested resulting in members experiencing extreme delays in getting home.

How do I register for the event?

The event will be run using Microsoft Teams and you can register using the link below