UNISON Women and Pensions Seminar

20 July 2019 11:30am–5:15pm

UNISON Centre, 130 Euston Road, London NW1 2AY

National Seminar Co-ordinated by Gloria Mills, National Secretary Equalities to discuss strategy and developments on  changes to pensions policy and it’s impact on women.

The aim of the Seminar is to discuss developments and changes to pensions policy and the impact on women. A key objective is to refresh our lobbying and political strategy in tackling Occupational and State pension inequalities facing all women and WASPI women.

The Seminar will be informed by the experience of UNISON local co-ordinators on the emerging priorities for members


This is for Members and invited participants

Reply to Gloria Orosungunleka

email: g.orosungunleka@unison.co.uk

Telephone: 0207 121 5583