UNISON Cymru Wales School Support Staff Seminar

28 September 2017 10:30am–5:00pm

Marriott Hotel, Mill Lane, Cardiff CF10 1EZ

One-day event, free to UNISON members in schools in Wales.

Register interest by emailing r.lewis@unison.co.uk who will send you full joining details

Help build the vision for the future of schools in Wales. Share your views and hear from the experts. Meet people from right across the school team and from right across Wales.

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Learn about the changes in schools

The needs of teachers are often debated, ­­­but what about the other 50% of staff who work in our schools? We are seeing major changes to things like:

  • the national curriculum (“curriculum reform”)
  • the way we deal with additional learning needs
  • registration of school learning support workers with the Education Workforce Council cementing their vital role in our schools in Wales.

All of you contribute to the experience children get at school, yet you are often unheard when it comes to the big decisions.

It’s time to discuss the role of all support staff like you – TAs, technicians, one-to-one support, cover supervisors, school office workers, kitchen and midday staff, technicians, caretakers, specialist and technical staff, cleaning staff, bursars, pastoral support, exams officers…

Change doesn’t stop at the classroom. From the meals you provide, the back office running of the school, the buildings you look after – to every contact you have with the learners and parents themselves – you make learning possible!


At this event you will hear directly from policy makers, the EWC and your union about the big issues affecting you. And it’s your chance to speak out and be heard.


We’re still finalising the programme but you will hear from:

  • Cabinet Secretary for Education, Kirsty Williams
  • Chief executive of the Education Workforce Council, Hayden Llewellyn
  • UNISON head of education, Jon Richards

We will also cover

  • curriculum reform
  • changes in additional learning needs
  • professional standards for support staff in Wales.
  • UNISON and the open university will showcase our learning opportunities for support staff.
  • There will also be sessions on issues like term-time pay, access to training and how to get your voice heard.

Have your say

What should UNISON, and its 18,000 members in Wales schools be asking for?  What about:

  • a national structure for support staff in Wales – with clear, consistent job roles that are understood?
  • consistent pay whether you work in Cardiff or Colwyn Bay?
  • equal access to the training, support and development you need to do your job?

We want to start the debate, and we want you there!

One other thing...

Teachers and head teachers have an entitlement to continuing professional development (CPD) as part of their contract. Which means you should also ask to attend events like this as part of your development. An email has been sent to head teachers about this event to ask that they consider time off requests favourably.

This event is sponsored by the Open University in Wales.


Register interest by emailing r.lewis@unison.co.uk who will send you full joining details.