UNISON Business & Environment Equalities Seminar

15 – 17 July 2016

Novotel Birmingham Centre, 70 Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2HT

Seminar for members in Energy, Water Industry, Environment Agencies and Transport who are involved in promoting and raising awareness of equalities in the workplace.

This is a must-attend seminar for everyone involved in promoting and raising awareness of equalities in the workplace, also an opportunity for those interested in learning more about equality and diversity.

The seminar is an opportunity to network, learn from experienced equality reps and empower participants in tackling inequality at work.  There will be breakout sessions for participants to network and share ideas about workplace equality practices.

Members interested in attending should download the registration form (see Resources, below) and pass this to their branch for approval and payment.

Topics include:

Strengthening participation and the importance of self-organisation – practical steps to eliminate barriers to participation and enhance participants’ understanding of the need for self-organisation

Changing minds and bias: tackling biphobia at work and in the union – to explore ideas such as support for bisexual and trans members, to develop a deeper understanding of the diverse needs of different groups, and how to deal with unconscious bias

Mental health – this is an important issue in the workplace and society. This session will look to identify ways to work with employers in raising awareness of the available support systems. It will also identify issues of equality dimensions, ‘when a mental health condition becomes a disability’, and much more..


This is a member only event

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