TUC National Inspection Day 2017

25 October 2017 2:00am–2:00am

The TUC National Inspection Day falls on the Wednesday of each European Health and Safety Week.

This year UNISON is encouraging safety reps to specifically consider inspections focusing on whether the workplace is healthy for all ages.

With the working population ageing and apprenticeship schemes being introduced as an alternative to schooling, this focus is timely.

Today’s young worker is more than likely to be tomorrows older worker, but only if work is safe and healthy for all ages.

Safety reps can use inspections to consider not only the tangible hazards such as slips and trips, fire, and work stations.  They should also focus on intangible hazards and solutions, including: shift work, job rotation, and flexible working.

Remember, workplaces with active safety reps are twice as safe.  So carry out an inspection on national inspection day and:

  • raise awareness of the issues;
  • identify concerns to raise with the employer;
  • raise the profile of safety reps;
  • meet members, hear their concerns, and ask if they would like to get more involved or become a safety rep; and
  • meet non-members, as issues they raise may also concern members or present opportunities for success or recruitment.

And let us know what you have planned!

Whether big or small, we want to know about any event or activity you are planning for, during, or around European Health and Safety Week or the TUC National Inspection Day.  May be something you already have underway or a current concern that fits within this year’s theme of “healthy work for all ages”?  Email brief details to: healthandsafety@unison.co.uk and you may even get a Health and Safety High 5!


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UNISON’s safety rep guides on workplace safety inspections and many other health and safety concerns, are available from the online catalogue or the get help section of the website.

UNISON web event page for European Health and Safety Week.