Stand up for Social Work: Facebook Live

24 October 2017 8:00pm–8:30pm


We are hosting our first social worker Facebook meet-up. Social workers will come together to discuss the issues impacting their profession – and social workers throughout the UK can get involved, from the comfort of your own home! Click attending on the Facebook event.

We will broadcast live via Facebook at 7pm, to ensure social workers can tune in after work. We want everyone to chip in with questions and comments throughout and email us suggestions beforehand. We hope this will provide an accessible way to bring social workers together to share experiences and ideas. So please get involved!

Talking accreditation
We will discuss the National Assessment and Accreditation System, which is overwhelmingly opposed by social workers. UNISON have led the campaign and launched a petition calling for the government to scrap the NAAS, which 3,000 social workers have signed so far. In response the Government have significantly scaled back plans. But they are still committed to rolling it out. We need to keep piling on the pressure to force the government to back down.

  • How do you feel about NAAS?
  • Do you need to know more about it?
  • Want to hear what other social workers think?

Make sure you tune in Tuesday at 7pm.┬áJust go to UNISON’s Facebook page and watch from there.

Anything else you’d like us to discuss?
Please tell us! Email if you have any suggestions, comments, ideas or questions you’d like us to feed in.