Playfair Qatar weekend of action

15 – 16 October 2016

Around the country

The weekend will see football fans and trade unionists get together to call on FIFA and Qatar to take urgent action to protect the rights and lives of the workers preparing the country to host the 2022 World Cup

Fans will register their support for the campaign at game around the country, from Premiership clashes to keenly fought Sunday friendlies.

Bigger meet-ups are planned at Arsenal, Barnsley, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Newcastle and others: keep up to date with plans at

If you can spare the time to support fans, or get your own fan action going at your club, contact Playfair Qatar for posters or print your own from the website.

Take a photo with them at your game, either a selfie or with fellow fans, and send them to or tweet them using #playfairqatar.

If you show your love of football by playing, not just watching, the campaign would love to get photos from teams, too.

To get more involved in the campaign: email or tweet @playfairqatar.

Playfair Qatar is supported by the TUC and Football Supporters Federation.

Download a flyer to publicise the event