National NHS bursary constituency lobby day

21 October 2016

UK wide

The government’s plans to scrap NHS bursaries in England will leave student nurses, midwives and allied health professionals with more than £52,000 worth of debt.

The fear of debt will discourage many people from becoming healthcare professionals, exacerbating the current recruitment crisis.

This will have disastrous repercussions for patient safety. There have been some signs that the Conservative government has misgivings about the policy, but is still planning to go ahead with it, at the moment.

This means it is a good time to put pressure on MPs.

If you agree this policy doesn’t make any sense, get behind the campaign and tell your MP what you think by joining the national NHS bursary constituency lobby day on Friday 21 October.

This is the best opportunity we have to change the minds of unsympathetic or unaware MPs, and ensure friendly ones continue to actively oppose the scrapping of NHS bursaries.

Please make sure you read the Everything you need to know about lobbying guide for more information, especially the section called ‘talking to your MP’ before you get to the meeting.

This is your chance to show your MP that scrapping NHS bursaries will have a really detrimental impact on everyone who lives in their constituency.

We have provided some key specific bits of information that we think could persuade or challenge Conservative MPs.