Heart UNISON 2023

13 – 19 February 2023

Heart UNISON is part of Heart Unions Week, the TUC’s annual event to celebrate unions, to make sure everyone knows why we’re vital at work, and to encourage everyone to join one.Hear Unions graphic: "13-19 February #HeartUnions #HeartUNISON"

Unions in 2023… you can’t miss us!

Real-terms pay cuts, poor conditions and spiralling workloads can feel overwhelming, especially in a cost of living crisis. But you’re never alone in a union.

Ordinary working people from every corner of the country are making headlines for standing up, in their unions, to defend their livelihoods and the services they provide.

Heart Unions Week is about loudly and proudly showing that our voices are stronger in UNISON. Together we’ll defend and progress our rights at work and fight for the pay we deserve. 

Here’s how to get out there and spread the love.

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Public displays of affection

We’ve got plenty of graphics and printable materials so you can get ready to show UNISON off on noticeboards, around your workplace and on social media using the hashtags #HeartUnions and #HeartUNISON. We’ll be sharing throughout the week so please join in!

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Everyone wins

Let’s make sure everyone knows what our union is winning for workers – and what we can achieve if we campaign together.

Heart Unions Week is a great chance to share ongoing national, local and workplace campaigns, as well as recent wins. What’s your success story of the year? Tell everyone about it!

A few ideas:

Love of learning

Promote our union’s best-kept secret – our fantastic member learning opportunities! Coming up soon are workshops and webinars on Excel skills, managing challenging behaviour, lone working, dementia awareness, tackling the climate crisis and so many more.

Member learning to shout about