Fair pay now protest day

7 December 2017 11:10pm–10:59pm

England, Wales, Northern Ireland

Fair pay now for council and school workers!

Protest day on 8 December

The local government employers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are meeting on 13 December to decide how much they will offer in response to National Joint Council unions’ pay claim.

UNISON is asking all branches, activists and members covered by the claim to build up local pressure beforehand, and make some noise to support the claim before the employers meet.

The union is asking branches and workplaces to organise a day of protest on Friday 8 December for Fair Pay Now in local government and schools –  every branch can use the day to highlight the dire state of NJC pay. 

  • Hold lunchtime or after work events, stunts or rallies to leaflet the public and make our case.
  • Send out press releases and talk to local media about the need for an offer to bust the pay cap.
  • Organise carol singing events to tell your employers, councillors or/and the public about our campaign.
  • Lobby councillors.
  • Visit your MPs surgery and make it clear that enough is enough.
  • Use social media to demand a decent pay rise. Retweet our tweets on the day.
  • Talk to GMB and Unite locally – make it a joint event.
  • Download our song sheet of ‘traditional’ local government pay carols.
  • Order Fair Pay Now and Pay Up Now campaign materials, including our new joint union leaflet (stock no 3839) from the UNISON online catalogue.