Black members Live!

22 – 23 January 2021


We hope you are well and keeping safe.

2020 has been a year of change, challenge and uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result of COVID-19, many conferences and meetings have had to be cancelled.  But we still want to involve you, share information on how Black members are keeping active in UNISON and how we are working for race equality in these challenging times.

With this in mind, the national Black members committee is organising a series of virtual events in place of the usual Black members conference – online and live!

Online sessions will include keynote panels, webinars and workshops.


How to register

To attend Black Members Live! you must be a Black member of UNISON.   In UNISON, we use the term ‘Black’ in its broad political and inclusive sense.

More information

We want to make this event as accessible as we can, so all members can participate fully.  If you are disabled, please let us know of any adjustments you will need to allow you to take part in a virtual event.

Please email us to register your interest in attending as follows:

  • Subject – UNISON Black Members Live!
  • In your email – please provide:
  • Your name:
  • Your membership number:
  • Your branch name:
  • Any reasonable adjustments you need to participate:

Please send your email to

You will then be registered for the event. The registration deadline is 5pm on Thursday 7 January 2021.

Once you’ve been registered, you will be sent details of the programme.  You can then sign up for the various Black Members Live! sessions individually. You can attend as many or as few as you like.

So, let’s get Live and let’s get active! Email today to register to attend.

We look forward to seeing you