PPE Alert: Tell us what’s happening at work

We know how concerned you are about the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) available to you.

We want to collect stories from as many workers as possible so that we can make sure the prime minister and other senior politicians hear what you have to say. You are in the front line – your views are the only ones that matter in this.

We can’t reply to you individually but, if you fill in this form, we will make sure that what you say is heard by the politicians.

  • Please tell us what your job is so we can show how many different roles are affected. We will not use your name or that of your employer. We just want to get an idea of the range of workplaces where this is an issue.
  • We ask for your postcode to help us see how widespread this problem is.
  • If you'd be happy for us to use your story for our media work, so we can raise awareness of these issues, please tick this box. You can remain anonymous.

    Please leave your contact details so we can speak to you

  • We will only use your statement for UNISON’s campaigning work to get PPE for workers. If you provide us with your name and email address you are consenting to us using this to contact you about your PPE story and your data will not be used for any other purpose nor shared with any outside party without your consent.

UNISON is demanding that the government provides proper PPE for every member of staff who needs it, for every day that they need it. Will you add your voice to our petition?

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