Social distancing and hygiene in the workplace

Advice on social distancing in public places may vary according to the country you are working in.

However wherever possible employers should still seek to ensure you and your colleagues, and anyone who uses your workplace can stay 2 metres apart.

Other measures that should be considered are:

  • Physical barrier or screens or visors
  • Fixed teams
  • Minimising contacts around transactions
  • Minimising how frequently equipment is shared between workers,
  • Ensuring staff are provided with, and instructed in the regular use of, the appropriate hygiene facilities.

What if my job makes it necessary to have close contact with the public or colleagues?

Your employer must do everything they can to keep you safe and maintain social distancing.

However, where your job requires you to have close contact, your employer must assess the level of risk this poses to your safety, and measures (such as those listed above) are required to keep you safe.

The longer you spend in close contact with somebody else, the greater the risk.

The  guide ‘How to work safely’ (PDF) tells you more about what your employer is required to do.

Government advice