UNISON celebrates becoming the UK’s biggest union

Becoming and staying the biggest and the best

‘We can’t sleepwalk into another Windrush’

MPs voice cross-party support for protecting the rights of all five million EU and UK citizens threatened by Brexit

placards, flags and banners feature on Parliament Square as part of the national libraries, culture and art demonstration

Turning over a new leaf – taking the fight for libraries to the streets

Writers, readers and workers take the fight for the country’s cultural soul to Westminster

UNISON sign at the union's centre in London

NEC by-election result

Jo-Ann Marren elected unopposed to Greater London reserved seat

Epic film depicts the events leading to the infamous Peterloo Massacre

Mike Leigh’s historical adviser talks about the research that informs the recounting of the 19th century pro-democracy rally that ended in tragedy

Win prizes and save money during November with UNISON!

UNISON has turned November into Grovember. We’re welcoming new members to Britain’s biggest union – and thanking existing members – with exclusive money-saving offers. And there’s a chance to win £1,000 in time for Christmas if you recruit a friend

I’m 21 and I’m a committed trade unionist

A blog from Kendal Bromley-Bewes

Time for a hero – meet Greenwich’s answer to Erin Brockovich

How a member from Greenwich turned Erin Brockovich and won a payout for 5,000 colleagues against all the odds

New strategy to tackle violence in the NHS welcome, says UNISON

No-one should be abused or attacked at work

Higher education ballot result

Members vote for action – but turnout fails to meet Trade Union Act threshold

Easy Joiner: quick paperless joining

A couple of taps, ask a friend to add their name and email – and just like that, you’ve recruited a new member!

Conference debates access to voting, hate crime and BSL

Delegates discuss a range of issues that affect the lives of disabled people, in and out of the workplace

Key council services need funding, Chancellor told

115 MPs sign UNISON letter to Philip Hammond

Disabled members speak out over lack of proper disability leave

Disabled activists employers often don’t understand the issue and can ‘punish’ disabled workers.

Widening disability pay gap shows the struggle for equality is far from over

Assistant general secretary addresses disabled members’ conference