Highlights from the Year of Black Workers

YOBW campaign successes and highlights to date:

Activities and information that are currently on the UNISON resources and bargaining section of the Black members webpage:

We will be launching a new toolkit at the National Delegate Conference in June, aimed at activists, and including practical suggestions about changes that can be made in the workplace to improve racial equality. This will be available on the website shortly after the conference

The NBMC will be looking to collect examples of best practice and achievements from across the organisation to cement in any changes achieved during the year. We will be reminding regions and branches to share their successes so we can celebrate them too.


The YOBW Campaign at National Delegate Conference (NDC):

The National Black Members have submitted the following motions to NDC:

  • Motion 4: Equality is UNISON Business
  • Motion 52: Cost of living crisis and Black Workers

Fringe taking place on

Thursday 15th June 5.15pm to 6.15pm

Titled: Year of Black Workers – legacy and change

The fringe will examine the inequalities Black workers continue to face in Britain today and will discuss the rising cost of living and racial inequalities. The reality is that Britain is failing in all areas of race relations today, racially motivated hate crimes are increasing, Black women maternal deaths are four times higher than for white women, and poorer outcomes for Black workers and communities on all measurable metrics, we still have a long way to go in addressing these inequalities.


Other equality motions with a race element at the NDC:

  • Motion 10: Recruitment of Black Care Leavers
  • Motion 53: Ethnicity Pay Gap
  • Motion 54: Year of Black Workers
  • Motion 55: Please touch my hair – caring for Black patients and service user

UNISON will be marking the 3rd anniversary of the Murder of George Floyd on 25th May 2023


What can branches do?

  • Support Black Self organisation in the workplace
  • Tackle the ethnicity pay gap e.g., in service level agreements
  • Use the Race Discrimination Protocol to support Black workers when they challenge racism

Other YOBW fringes taking place in 2023

TUC Black Workers Conference:

Saturday 27th May 12.45pm to 13.45pm, Congress House, Great Russell Street

Local Government Conference:

Monday 12th June 12.45pm to 13.45pm, ACC Liverpool