Are You a Good Trans Ally?

It’s not easy being a Transgender person in the UK at the moment.

Political and media anti-trans sentiments and comments appear daily. A government renegading on promises to reform the Gender Recognition Act, and the proposed ban of ‘conversion therapy’ to not include trans people.

The tactics being used, particularly the vilification of trans women, by those campaigning to roll back the existing rights of trans people, including ‘gender critical’ and anti-trans groups, are almost identical to the tactics seen around the time of Section 28, when gay men were portrayed as sexual predators and a danger to children to spread fear and mistrust.

There is growing evidence that these attacks against trans people are linked to the far right, supported and funded by hate groups in the US.

Far right and nationalist movements in Europe increasingly demonstrate a willingness to roll back on human rights, with the UK Government wishing to repeal the Human Rights Act.  Many of us have been subject to the antics of the far right, and that is why it is so important that we step up as trans allies.

UNISON’s national LGBT+ committee, trans network, and learning and organising services (LAOS) have put together a Trans Ally training.  The training has been run nationally and is being rolled out to regions.

We encourage all regions, regional self-organised groups and branches to run Trans Ally training. The more trans allies we have in UNISON, the better it is for our trans colleagues.

For more information, contact your regional education officer.

You can also get in touch with your regional LGBT+ group or your regional Black Members Group.