Visitors' entrance to Palace of Westminster

The right to strike must be protected in the new crime bill

UNISON supports an amendment that would create specific exemptions for trade union activities to avoid clampdown on picketing and strike action

Pension talks to resume at Dundee University as strike action pays off

After three weeks of strike action showing ‘great industrial strength’, members accept new proposals to continue negotiations

Weather fails to stop successful disabled members’ conference

UNISON’s national disabled members’ pass 21 motions as well as two emergency motions in jam-packed live event

Panel debate kicks off UNISON’s national disabled members’ conference

Speakers touched on a number of issues relating to post-COVID bargaining for disabled workers’ rights

McAnea hails ‘campaigning spirit’ of disabled members

General secretary addressed UNISON’s disabled members’ conference on Monday, acknowledging their extraordinary work before looking to the future

UNISON disabled members rep hails new epilepsy toolkit

A new toolkit battles misconceptions about the condition and provides support to employers and employees

woman with mask on in front of laptop, sanitising her hands

H&S survey reveals members feel less safe now than a year ago

UNISON call for more inspection and enforcement of workplace health and safety as results of a new survey are released

Tell the chancellor you’re #ForOurServices

Before the three year spending review next week, UNISON’s petition piles the pressure on the chancellor to end the pay freeze

Retired members: Don’t make older people pay for the pandemic

The union’s retired members come together virtually, discussing a wide range of issues, determined as ever to make their voices heard

Council decision helps mark 20 years of the real living wage

North Northants council announce they’ll pay staff the real living wage in the run up to Living Wage Week 2021

New toolkit highlights positive impact of teaching assistants

Independent research shows that, on average, teaching assistants add an additional four months of pupil progress over the course of a year

Microscopic view of the Coronavirus

UNISON urges MPs to act amid surging school COVID-19 cases

Education unions have sent an urgent letter asking MPs to call the government to action

Inside the gas crisis – and how it’ll affect you

UNISON’s national officer for energy explains how we got here, how it affects members and what needs to change