The timeline of a crime

You call 999, you’re put through to someone, the police arrive… But of course, it’s never as simple as that

The Sound of Public Services

A UNISON trio are balancing their public service jobs with a new role – as rock stars

Women and trade unions

Women have always been central to trade unions and the fight for a better society. To celebrate International Women’s Day we’ve put together a timeline of some of their key achievements

Inside the hidden world of environmental health

Dead bodies, detective work and the truth about food poisoning – the work of the environmental health officer has no shortage of surprises

The Trade Union Bill – how we campaigned for key changes

UNISON members across the UK played a part in protecting their trade union rights

Help stop the illegal underpayment of homecare workers

Email your MP to add their voice to tomorrow’s (23 March) Westminster Hall debate

♡ UNISON: the union has empowered me to speak up

Polly Smith is a homecare worker

The Elaines: speaking up for local libraries

Friends and fellow UNISON members Elaine Brooks and Elaine Cotterell have worked in libraries all their lives. They travelled to London to defend their passion

♡ UNISON: the union is improving the health trust I work for

I work with people who have memory problems. I’m a community psychiatric nurse so I go to the homes of people who have Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia.

♡ UNISON: it stands up for the whole NHS team

Annette is a medical secretary in Scotland who loves that UNISON stands up for the whole NHS

♡ UNISON: it brought me out of my shell

I spend my days talking to members of the public on the phone, answering their queries on environmental issues, from planning and environmental health to housing repairs like a broken toilet

♡ UNISON: union members made my workplace great

As a library assistant my job is to be the first point of contact for people who come in to use the services – I look after the book stock, order new books, transfer books, advise parents on what level children’s books their child should have and more

♡ UNISON: the best thing about it is when you get to make a difference

I first got involved with UNISON because I had a workplace issue; I was accused of stealing something from the organisation I used to work at

♡ UNISON: the union got me through a difficult time

My job is to support people with learning difficulties to live in the community independently.

Fighting for the future of nursing

Hundreds of student nurses have protested against proposed cuts to bursaries