Christina McAnea

Opinion: Taking the chance to fix what’s been broken for too long

There will be challenges ahead, but the King’s Speech paints a picture of a government ready to rebuild and restore

Christina McAnea

Opinion: A new dawn for public services – a hopeful vision under Labour

Investing in public services is more than just a budgetary choice; it’s a moral duty

Vote yes

UNISON to hold 10-year political fund ballot

Ballot papers will be going out to all 1.3 million members from 15 July asking whether or not UNISON should keep its political fund

UNISON centre sign

Statement in solidarity with student protests for Gaza

Peaceful protests, encampments and occupations on university campuses have played an important role in many struggles against injustices in the world

old-fashioned tap with water running from it

Opinion: The water industry is a national scandal

Privatisation has meant failing water infrastructure, increased sewage spillages and reduced confidence in the safety of drinking water, while shareholders pocket billions

UNISON ‘unequivocally condemns’ Tory donor’s ‘horrific abuse’

‘No woman in public life should have to accept this kind of abuse and intimidation’

UNISON centre sign

Proposals that seek to limit the right to peaceful protest must be rejected, says UNISON

Union is ‘extremely concerned’ at reports that MPs, councillors and Labour-affiliated unions should cut ties with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Mother with two young children on sofa

What does the budget really mean for you?

Let’s look behind the headlines, avoid the spin, and separate the fact from the fiction of this week’s budget

Helga Pile

UNISON opinion: Let’s talk about flex

By embracing flexible working in the NHS, we are setting ourselves on the path to a happier, healthier workforce and a better service for patients

Bolton Council building

UNISON opinion: Why councils are on the brink – and how they can be pulled back

Everyone knows why councils are on the brink of bankruptcy – a massive 41% cut in government funding over a decade, while demand for services has grown. But there is an alternative for a sustainable future for the local services we all rely on

Shantha David

UNISON opinion: Why could tribunal fees be on the way back?

UNISON beat the government in a landmark legal win in 2018, securing the scrapping of employment tribunal fees. So why is the government trying to bring them back?

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Understanding antisemitism and Islamophobia

In light of the current conflict in Gaza, and what is happening domestically, UNISON and Hope not hate have produced a new guide

UNISON centre sign

UNISON statement on the situation in the Red Sea

UNISON stands in solidarity with the International Transport Workers Federation and its affiliates, including Nautilus International, whose members have come under attack

UNISON members in Northern Ireland on strike

Education workers across Northern Ireland take action for pay justice

‘Education workers in Northern Ireland are not prepared to sit and wait while you sort out all the political problems. Working people need pay justice now’

UNISON sign at the union's centre in London

UNISON statement on Gaza hospital bombing

UNISON condemns the bombing of the al-Ahli al-Arabi hospital in Gaza. The targeting of a hospital, resulting in the tragic loss of lives – including those of health workers, patients and civilians taking shelter – constitutes a war crime under international law. We send our condolences to all those who mourn the loss of loved […]