Dave Prentis is UNISON’s general secretary – the highest elected post in the union. He speaks up for UNISON members, campaigns for public services and leads the union.

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Remembering Irene Stacey – a stalwart of our union, and a friend

Throughout her time in UNISON – and through her illness – Irene’s bravery was clear to everyone who knew her, and an inspiration to all of us who worked and campaigned alongside her. She will be a huge loss to our NEC, her branch and our union.

Blog: Solidarity with Birmingham home care workers

In Birmingham, home care workers are striking this Saturday, because they’ve been pushed to breaking point. Government cuts to local authority budgets have led to Birmingham City Council slashing the home care/enablement budget by 40%.

Blog: Proud of UNISON’s history tackling inequality and racism

A union that did not prioritise these would not be the UNISON I know. We want this to be a time for action and not just reflection. Not just a time to learn from the past, but time to shape a new future. We cannot let the fight against racism slide off our agenda.

Blog: Carillion’s collapse has shown the true face of privatisation

What we’re increasingly seeing is a situation where the government and big business play roulette with public services – with the only possible outcomes a big financial gain for the privateers and a massive loss for everyone else.

Blog: The Tories have nothing new to offer

The Prime Minister and her party have shown once again today that they have nothing new to offer. Her new year’s resolution should be to move aside, and give Labour a chance to govern in the interests of the many, not a dwindling Tory few.

Cliff Williams – we have lost one of our union’s best

Everyone who worked closely with Cliff will miss his counsel, his support and his commitment – and I know his words “leave it with me, I’ll sort it”, will echo around our union for years to come. All of us who worked with him and laughed with him will miss him. All of us who learned from him and relied on him will miss him. All of us will miss Cliff so, so much.

Blog: Coming together for the benefit of our members

Different people from different professions and backgrounds, all with different skills, coming together, pooling their resources and their energy for the benefit of all UNISON members and the services they provide. That’s what our union is about when it’s at it’s best. That’s what I saw in Halton today.

Blog: Why our union is fighting the “two-child limit”

This is one of the most dreadful ideas I have ever heard from this government. It would be far better and far more preferable to scrap the two-child limit altogether. UNISON’s campaign will continue to fight for that in the weeks and months ahead – both because of the impact of this pernicious legislation on UNISON members, and because it is the right thing to do.

Blog: Today is an opportunity for MPs to stand up for public service workers

A letter to the Prime Minister – “After a life fighting for the interests of working people I am under no illusions about your government’s real plans. As things stand, it looks like you have no plan to restore public sector pay to pre-crisis levels. Nor do you have a plan to stop year on year pay misery, or to find a way of stemming the steady flow of disillusioned staff exiting our under pressure public services.”

Blog: For public service workers, London’s housing situation is bleak

The housing crisis is one of the greatest problems – and challenges – that our country faces. For too long, not enough homes have been built. As a result, house prices in many parts of the country have risen dramatically, often to levels which make housing completely unaffordable for those who provide our vital public services.

Blog: A day to celebrate the remarkable work of all school support staff

Recently it was my pleasure to visit Lister Community School in Newham, East London and speak with support staff there. Like UNISON members across the country, they are having to do more with less while being paid less at the same time. Yet what shone though was their determination to do the very best for all the children being taught there.

Blog: Hammond’s budget left public services gasping for air

The budget was another opportunity for Philip Hammond and Theresa May to show they had understood the anger caused by their government, and a nation’s fear of what impact their attacks are having on communities and future generations. It was an opportunity they didn’t deserve. It was an opportunity they squandered.

Blog: Tax cuts for the rich have cost the country dear

Governments should not be afraid to make the case for higher taxes to pay for the investment in pay, services and infrastructure our country needs. A higher rate of income tax for those who can most afford it would be a sensible and rational start.

Blog: The Chancellor’s budget choice is between decent services and lost services

The government must make the right choice, after so many years of making the wrong choices.

Blog: Time to stop FE cuts and invest in education

This government must show it is willing and able to prepare our country for the challenges of the future – and its treatment of vital public services like further education will show how serious ministers really are about governing