Dave Prentis is UNISON’s general secretary – the highest elected post in the union. He speaks up for UNISON members, campaigns for public services and leads the union.

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Reverse the Tory attack on essential protections

Labour leader Ed Miliband took up the cudgels on behalf of working people by tabling an Early Day Motion calling for the annulment of new laws that threaten their rights

We need a half million pledges for NHS Change Day

Today is NHS Change Day. And this year UNISON has added our backing to this innovative campaign. The aims behind Change Day underpin many of UNISON’s own campaigning.

I sometimes wonder if we are living in the same country

When I read some newspapers, turn on the TV or radio, or hear David Cameron talking about unemployment, I wonder if we are living in the same country.

Stop wasting time and make an offer now

What a disgrace to see local government employers calling off pay talks, because they want to wait and see what the new minimum wage will be

Unions refer probation plans to International Labour Organisation

UNISON got together with NAPO and the GMB today to refer Chris Grayling’s sell-off of the probation service to the International Labour Organisation (ILO)

All our hard working higher education members need our support today

Our hard working members in Higher Education have the full backing of the union behind their action today and I urge members to support them

Our hard working members in local government deserve our support

It didn’t take long for rich Tory donors to start squealing about having to pay more tax on earnings above £150,000, if Labour wins the next election

Rich Tory donors squealing about having to pay more tax? It’s predictable

It didn’t take long for rich Tory donors to start squealing about having to pay more tax on earnings above £150,000, if Labour wins the next election

If you were a Martian, you would think the economy is booming

Back on Earth, the real truth of austerity is increasingly painful for millions of people

Boasting about inflation? Cameron needs a reality check

Cameron reaction to the latest inflation figures shows a massive reality gap between his government and what is being felt by the majority of people across the country

Here we go again. Won’t this government ever learn?

In a tragic case of déjà vu, the government has announced it is slashing a further 1,500 jobs from the Environment Agency – has it learned nothing?

Cuts, cuts and more cuts

Today, Chancellor George Osborne launched his first salvo of the New Year with a promise of even more spending cuts. He warns that unless spending is cut further, the “recovery” will not last.  In true right wing style, he stigmatises  those who have to depend on benefits, and the jobless. He wants to  permanently cut […]

Environment Agency workers are unsung heroes

The severe storms and fatal floods that battered the country over the festive period have devastated many families.  Our thoughts are with those people who were forced to spend Christmas without loved ones, who lost their electricity supplies, and who have been left to clean up the damage from yet another ferocious storm at the weekend.  In the eye […]

UNISON is in great shape for 2014

UNISON is in great shape to face the challenges ahead

Happy Christmas and a better New Year

During this festive season, while the vast majority are enjoying time with family and friends, spare a thought for the millions of workers who will be making sure we can do just that in safety and comfort. Public service workers will be making sure the sick and vulnerable are still cared for; that the streets […]