Interserve CRC pay offer

Following the previous rejection of a pay offer for Interserve CRC staff, a new pay offer has been made for 2019/20.

UNISON and Napo recommend this revised pay offer.

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The details of the new offer

This new, revised offer includes a further reduction of Spine Points which reduces the spine points per grade from 23 to 16 for Bands 2-4, and from 14 to 7 for Band 5. It includes a commitment to review and consider further reform in 2020.

The revised offer is:

  • 1 spine point increment (1%) for all eligible staff (paid in May and backdated to April),
  • 1% pay award back dated to April for all staff,
  • Reduction of the bottom two spine points from each pay band, effective from 1st April 2019
  • Removal of a further 5 spine points from each pay band, effective from 1st April 2019
  • A commitment to explore further pay reform in the 2020 pay negotiations.

This document (PDF) shows the proposed pay scales.

The revised offer is well short of our original claim, however over 470 employees will benefit from the reduction of the spine points:

    • 260 people will benefit by a rise of 2 spine points (2%) by the removal of the bottom 2 spine points.
    • A further 210 employees benefiting from the reduction of the further 5 spine points per grade.

Although the latter change will not benefit all employees – it is a step in the right direction.

Not only will a number of members benefit from the reduction in spine points, the reduction will also reduce the time it takes you to progress through each pay band – and the value of progression will be larger next year than under the current pay structures.

Therefore UNISON and Napo are recommending that members vote to accept the revised pay offer. The consultation process will start on or around 27th September and will close at 5pm on Monday 14 October.

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