Interserve CRC pay offer

Napo and UNISON submitted a Joint Pay Claim to Interserve in March 2019.

The pay claim sought pay equality with the National Probation Service (NPS) from 1 April 2019 with a minimum increase for all staff of at least 3 %.

We believe that Interserve staff deserve the same pay increase for their dedication, skill and hard work in a period of major change within the probation service and the Interserve CRCs.

However, after a series of negotiations, the final offer we have received falls a long way short of the claim leaving most Interserve CRC Staff significantly worse off than their former colleagues working in the NPS.

The offer from Interserve is:

  • Payment of your contractual increment if you are not at the top of your pay band from 1 April, which you should now have received
  • A 1% cost of living increase (inflation is currently 3% (May RPI))
  • Deletion of the bottom two pay points for Bands 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

This offer falls well short of the current rate of inflation and does little to reduce the length of the pay bands, which remain far too long despite the deletion of the bottom two pay points.

In the Sodexo CRCs members are about to be consulted on a pay reform package that will reduce the number of pay points in each pay band significantly by April 2020 so it is disappointing Interserve CRCs have not adopted a similar approach.

Elsewhere members in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex CRC, which now owns the Wales CRC and the South West CRCs members are about to hold a consultative ballot on a pay offer and their willingness to take industrial action.

Both UNISON and Napo are now recommending members reject the offer and we are consulting our members on their willingness to take industrial action to seek to improve the offer.


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