CRC Staff Transfer Consultation September 2020

UNISON is balloting all our directly employed CRC members, including ex-KSS CRC staff who transferred to NPS Wales in December 2019, over proposed staff transfer and protection terms for the staff transfers next year.

UNISON’s CRC Committee is recommending that members vote to accept the staff transfer and protections proposals.

You will find a UNISON summary of the transfer and protection terms on this website and the following documents provided by HMPPS:

  • Information Pack: Provisions for CRC to HMPPS (NPS) and Dynamic Framework Providers (DFPs).
  • Position Upon Transfer to HMPPS(NPS)
  • Probation Reform Programme Voluntary Redundancy/Voluntary Severance Scheme and Terms to support Transition

Please read the proposals carefully.

If agreed by trade union members, these are the terms which will apply to directly employed CRC staff when they transfer, either to the National Probation Service (NPS), or to one of the Dynamic Framework Providers (DFP), on 25 June 2021. UNISON is asking you vote on whether you agree to accept these terms.

Our ballot opened on 16 September and will close at midday on 5 October.

The staff transfer and protection terms have been negotiated by UNISON and the other probation unions with HMPPS over the last 12 months.

This is a very important ballot relating to your future pay and conditions and all UNISON CRC members are strongly encouraged to participate.

Please note that the staff transfer and protection proposals, and the ballot, do not apply to members who are employees of CRC parent companies, CRC sub-contractors, or CRC supply chain employees, even though some may transfer to the NPS, or a DFP, in June next year. The attached summary document has more information for members in this group of employees.

Important documents for this consultation

UNISON’s CRC Committee is recommending that UNISON CRC members vote to accept the proposals.

How do I vote?

Voting closed 12pm October 5, 2020