Probation: keep it public and local


existing local probation trusts

will be abolished

under new government plans

The issue

UNISON is campaigning to protect the probation service in England and Wales.

The government proposes to break up the service and privatise the essential public protection work that our members carry out. 

Probation must remain a public service, working with other local public sector providers and being democratically accountable to local communities.

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  • Michelle Hutchinson

    The DWP contract the likes of ATOS to conduct medical assessments....what an example..need I say more!!

    Michelle Hutchinson
  • hajikm

    Don't privatise Probation!

  • Andrew S Hatton

    As a Napo member I am glad Unison have the same aims for public probation-The Government plans are foolish and dangerous for ordinary people

    Andrew S Hatton
    Maldon, Essex

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Probation works

Probation staff do valuable and diverse work, making sure that some of the most dangerous offenders released back into the community are properly monitored and reintegrated into society.

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