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March 2021 CODP newsletter

Chief Professions Officers’ Medicines Mechanism Programme

The long-awaited Consultation on the proposal for the supply and administration of medicines using Patient Group Directions (PGDs) by Operating Department Practitioners across the United Kingdom opened in October 2020 and closed in December 2020. The proposed changes to medicines legislation and the findings of the consultation will be presented to the Commission on Human Medicines who make recommendations to Ministers regarding changes to the Human Medicines Regulations.

Subject to the outcome of the consultation and the agreement of the proposed changes by Ministers; the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) will make the necessary amendments. The Human Medicines Regulations apply UK-wide so changes to them will apply across the four countries. As this proposal is in relation to controlled drugs, changes to the Misuse of Drugs Regulations are also required.

The proposed changes to medicines legislation and the findings of the consultation will be presented to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs who makes recommendations to Ministers regarding changes to the Misuse of Drugs Regulations. Subject to the agreement of Ministers, the Home Office will then make the necessary amendments.

The Misuse of Drugs Regulations apply only to England, Wales and Scotland; the Misuse of Drugs (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2002 will need to be amended separately and this will be undertaken by the Department of Health in Northern Ireland. If all elements of the proposal are approved and all relevant organisations are in a position to complete their elements of the work at the earliest possible point without delay, the proposed changes to the Human Medicines Regulations could come into force in 2021.

HCPC Consultation on the revised threshold level of qualification for entry to the Register (SET 1) for Operating Department Practitioners

This Consultation opened on 25th January 2021 and will close on 26th April 2021. The College Position Statement on the Consultation is available via the link below.

Details of the consultation and to access the HCPC on-line survey are available below.

College statement

Take the survey

CODP statement in support of net-zero emissions in healthcare

The College recognises that the professional actions of Operating Department Practitioners have an impact on the environment. The College therefore has produced a Statement in Support of Net-Zero Emissions in Healthcare which is available to read via the link below.

The College is also a Partner in the recently formed Sustainable Perioperative Practice Priority Setting Partnership (PSP). The Partnership is a group of healthcare professionals and patient / public representatives who are conducting a survey-based study to define the top research priorities related to ‘sustainable perioperative care’. You can follow the PSP on Twitter @SusPeriOPPSP

CODP net-zero emissions statement

CODP Guidance for Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs) involved in Coronavirus and Influenza Vaccination and Immunisation Programmes

Changes to the Human Medicines Regulations in respect of vaccination and immunisation programmes has led to some confusion among ODPs, compounded by the recent consultation on the inclusion of ODPs within the professions able to administer medicines via the mechanism of Patient Group Directions (PGDs). The College has produced a guidance document (available below) which details the specific mechanisms under which ODPs may be engaged in vaccination programmes.

CODP vaccination and immunisation guidance

Theatre support worker project

The College, through funding from Health Education England (HEE), has commissioned Allied Health Solutions to identify the extent to which Theatre Support Workers seek opportunities to become Operating Department Practitioners and be a potential supply line to increase the number of Operating Department Practitioners. The project will include identification of the enablers and the barriers to achieving this and is expected to be completed by November 2021.

National ODP Day – 14 May 2021

Planning for National ODP Day has begun with this year’s theme being Diversity – Not only personal diversity but also diversity of ODP roles. It is unclear what restrictions will be in place in May due to the Coronavirus, therefore celebrating National ODP Day may very well be similar to last year when social media was used to great affect to promote the ODP role (#ODPDay was trending at number 2 on Twitter at one stage last year!).

Will we keep you updated on our social media platforms – If permissible, have a photo taken of you and your colleagues on National ODP Day and share on social media, let’s make our fourth National ODP Day 2021 the best yet.

Centre for perioperative care (CPOC)

The Centre for Perioperative Care (CPOC) is a cross-speciality centre dedicated to the promotion, advancement and development of perioperative care, for the benefit of both patients and the healthcare community. The College is currently a member of the CPOC Advisory Group however we are now seeking membership on the CPOC Board.

Student focussed webinars

During February and March, the College Student Lead David Bethell has been hosting Student Focused Webinars on Tuesday evenings. Topics have included;

  • Transition from Student to a Registered Operating Department Practitioner
  • A Patient Experience of Surgery
  • Operating Department Practitioners: where are we heading
  • Operating Department Practitioners working in health informatics

Review of the surgical never events list

Never Events are defined serious incidents that are wholly preventable because guidance or safety recommendations that provide strong systemic protective barriers are available at a national level and should have been implemented by all healthcare providers. Those that occur frequently are being reviewed as it has become clear that some of the protective barriers are not as robust as previously imagined.

Following review it is likely that wrong tooth removal will be removed from the list and other specific procedures are under review. Although no longer a Never Event, these remain a serious incident that must be reported and thoroughly investigated.

The College has maintained the view that while it may be reasonable to ‘delist’ specific procedures or events this has to be coupled with ongoing work to strengthen the barriers to prevent harm, with a view to restoring them to the Never Events List

CODP workstreams

Although the Coronavirus pandemic has brought many significant challenges in our working lives, representatives from the College continue to represent members and the profession on many key workstreams. These include:

  • Anaesthetic Related Professions Committee
  • Allied Health Professions Developing the AHP Support Workforce Group
  • Allied Health Professions Inequalities Advisory Group
  • Allied Health Professions Public Health Strategy Board
  • Chief AHP Officers Sustainability Advisory Group
  • Health Education England Professional Body Education and Training Network
  • Health and Care Professions Education Leads Group
  • NHS Improvement Focus Groups reviewing the Surgical Never Events List
  • Ongoing contribution to Health Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) investigations and reports
  • Arm’s-Length Bodies AHP and Professional Bodies Partnership Board
  • Discussions with the Council for Allied Health Professions Research [CAPHR] regarding how this can support the ODP profession.