Midwives are responsible for the care and well being of mothers and babies from pregnancy to post natal care. They provide total led care in many of the new midwifery led units, which aid mothers to safely deliver in a less clinical environment but with access to other services.

Midwifery is a very diverse profession, in pre-natal care they can find them selves working in the community, visiting mums at home or in a clinic providing pre-natal care, advice and assessment. Many rotate between community and hospital settings to ensure that all of their clinical skills are current and maintained. Helping a mother through labour has been describe by many midwives as remarkable experience, expectant mums have continuity of care and support.

Midwives also have extended roles, some specialise in helping mums to give up smoking, some care for complex cases including multiple births.


Midwifery diploma / degree is a direct entry route, trainees have to conduct 40 deliveries as part of their hands on care of mothers to be. For other healthcare professionals interested in moving in to midwifery as a career, contact your local university for information on post registration training.


Midwives are registered on part two of the Nursing and Midwifery Council