NHSBT holiday underpayment

UNISON is currently running a ballot of some NHSBT staff regarding an underpayment of their holiday pay between 2010 and 2015.


Under the terms of the national agreement (Agenda for Change), NHSBT staff are entitled to be paid at  average earnings (including average unsocial hours and on call payments) when they take annual leave.

Thanks to the persistence of union members who spotted this and raised their concerns it came to light in 2015 that NHSBT had not properly applied the national agreement.

Since April 2015 all staff have been properly paid your average earnings when taking leave. However many members of staff were not correctly paid when on holiday in the leave years between 2010 and 2015.

The NHSBT proposal on back pay

The NHSBT Management produced a proposal that was considered by UNISON and other NHSBT trade unions at the NHSBT Staff Partnership Committee on 18th October.

View the NHSBT Agenda for Change Absence Payments proposal

The trade unions unanimously agreed that we would recommend acceptance of this proposal in a ballot of our affected members.

Balloting affected staff on the proposal

A ballot being conducted by the trade unions RCN, UNITE, GMB and UNISON. The ballot is a secret one so you are being asked only to accept the management proposal.

The ballot is open only to trade union members who it has been identified have been underpaid because of this error.

We did not believe it fair to allow other trade union members in NHSBT to participate in the ballot as they are unaffected either because they do not work unsocial hours or because it has been identified they were properly paid when taking leave.

The ballot opens on Wednesday 2nd November and close at midday Thursday 17th November.

Participate in the ballot now

How back pay will be calculated

If members vote to accept the proposal (which has been the subject of very detailed discussions with the management of NHSBT over the last 12 months) then we will notify NHSBT on 17th November after our ballot has closed and affected members will receive their back pay before Christmas 2016 in your December salary.

Each member will receive an individual letter setting out the payment you will be paid ( subject of course to the usual deductions of tax and national insurance)

The amounts vary dependent on how long the underpayment has been identified for each member and the level of unsocial hours and on call payments.

The offer provides compensation for most staff for two leave years by adding an extra 12.5% to their salary for each week of their leave in which they were underpaid. For some staff the payment will be for three years where it is apparent that the team concerned were also not properly paid in the leave year in 2012.

However members who believe that this offer does not compensate them properly can ask NHSBT to calculate for them the  precise loss and make this back payment. To do this they must produce:

  • copies of your pay slips back to April 2010
  • some evidence of the leave they took in the years between 2010 and 2015 then NHSBT will calculate for them the actual precise loss and make this back payment to you.