Key issues

Nearly half a million UNISON members work in the NHS and for organisations providing NHS services in all four countries of the UK.

This section is about the key issues affecting people employed by the NHS and organisations providing NHS services. Each key issue explains the facts behind the issue, what UNISON is doing and how you can get involved. You will also find news articles, useful resources and events.

We recognise and defend the rights of all workers in the health service. By working together within UNISON, health sector workers are better able to fight for change.

Pay in the NHS

NHS staff have their pay and terms and conditions set by a national scheme known as Agenda for Change.

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Violence against staff in the NHS

Violent assaults against NHS staff are rising. UNISON campaigns to make sure you are safe at work.

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Sustainability and transformation plans

NHS organisations across England are currently working together to produce sustainability and transformation plans (STPs). What are sustainability and transformation plans? Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) are five-year local plans for health and care services. They are being developed by 44 geographical areas, or ‘footprints’, covering England. NHS organisations, local authorities and other health and […]

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Hospital parking – a charge too far

Staff who drive to work in hospitals in England probably have to pay when they get there.  Over two thirds of NHS trusts in England charge their staff to use the hospital car park – and most do not guarantee a parking place, even though people buy an annual pass. If the staff spaces are […]

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NHS 70th anniversary

Birthdays are special. This year the NHS is 70 years old and we think that’s something worth celebrating. But it’s also important to defend and protect what we love about the NHS.

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Protesters holding a banner that says No 2 Subcos

Wholly owned subsidiaries in the NHS

The NHS continues to face unprecedented financial pressures. Some trusts in England are seeking to save money by creating wholly owned subsidiary companies to deliver services, including facilities and estates. What are wholly owned subsidiaries? A wholly owned subsidiary is an organisation set up at arm’s length but still owned by the trust. It means […]

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Stop the Health and Care Professions Council fees hike

The Health and Care Professions Council wants to raise its registration fee by an inflation-busting 18%. UNISON wants to stop this unfair charge on health staff.

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Fighting cuts and privatisation in the NHS

The NHS is facing serious threats. Services and jobs are threatened with some employers using the economy as an excuse to attack staff pay, terms and conditions. We believe patients come before money. Find out how UNISON is campaigning to make sure the NHS is safe for patients and staff.

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