NHS Pay: UNISON says One Team2K

Everyone working in the NHS deserves a pay rise. That’s why we’re asking the government to give all staff a pay rise of at least £2000 – and to pay it early.

A recent survey of our health members told us that 8 out of 10 of you supported this, saying that such an increase would make a meaningful difference to you.

So we delivered our pay claim to the Prime Minister – a claim which would add at least £2,000 on to every NHS pay point by the end of this year.

£2,000 for everyone is fair and reasonable for the whole NHS team. Supporting it is the least the government can do for NHS staff. It isn’t complicated, and it could be implemented across the NHS quickly.

But the Westminster government has missed several opportunities to respond.

It’s clear that, while they were quick to join in with the clapping, the government will try to avoid responding when you ask for that recognition to be reflected in your pay.

For us to be successful, we will need you to be involved.  UNISON is up for the challenge. We are the largest trade union in the NHS and we know what we’re asking for is only fair and reasonable.

What it would mean for you

A £2,000 increase to every pay point would mean:

  • A pay rise of over £1 per hour for all staff
  • A fair and equitable rise, reflecting the contribution of all staff through 2020
  • A minimum of £10.23 per hour – taking the NHS pay floor above the real Living Wage
  • A Band 5 starting salary of nearly £27,000
  • For Bands 1 – 6 a rise of at least double RPI inflation.
NHS contractor staff – One Team Us 2
The NHS is so much more than directly employed staff.  Whether your employer is a contractor, a wholly owned subco or a social enterprise, you too are part of One Team. That’s why our campaign for government funding includes getting extra money specifically for a pay rise for contracted staff. And we’re asking companies – and the NHS organisations they contract with – to recognise that all staff deserve a pay rise.
Read more about One Team Us 2 – and get involved in the One Team2k campaign. Unlocking government funding for NHS pay is the vital first step – from there we can push on for everyone to be recognised, regardless of their employer.

How you can get involved

We know we have strong public support. If we work together, in UNISON branches and workplaces across the UK we can get the government to deliver on NHS pay.

Sign the open letter to Chancellor Rishi Sunak calling on him to fund a £2k pay rise for all health workers in the March budget. Ask friends, family and colleagues to do the same.

Download and print the poster below to promote the open letter in your workplace.

Read our letter to the Prime Minister

Follow the campaign on social media:  #OneTeam2k #Twodaysfor2k #OneTeamUs2