Our electricity industry members range from clerical and administrative staff through to senior managers. Many work in call centres and in billing and data processing, facilities and human resources, among others.

Since privatisation, UNISON’s support for people working in the electricity industry covers members working for a variety of companies, many of which have moved into new areas such as water and telecommunications.

UNISON and gas industry members

Much like its members in the electricity industry, UNISON’s support for people working in the gas industry covers members working for a range of different companies, some of which trade in other areas. We cover all grades of staff from clerical to senior management, except for manual and industrial workers.

Our members cover a huge variety of jobs, from call centre work to billing and data processing, finance, payroll, human resources, facilities management, procurement and logistics, meter reading, debt collection, inspection services, administration, network management and systems. We also support a large number of qualified engineers.

Getting involved

As the biggest union in the utilities, we work to raise employment standards and promote best practice in partnership with employers. We also campaign for a more sustainable future with affordable energy for all sections of society.

One way to get involved is to get elected onto our energy service group, the body that helps decide policies and activities and helps UNISON staff support members.

Contact your local UNISON branch to discuss ways you can get involved