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Stand up for decent pay and decent jobs

Your employer’s pay offer isn’t good enough. Most staff would see a pay increase of just 1.8% – well below inflation. Over two thirds of members who voted in our consultation rejected it.

So we’re running a national ballot of our higher education members and asking you to vote YES for strike action to demand an improved pay offer.

Ballot papers arrived in a brown envelope to your home address. If you haven’t received your ballot paper, or have lost it, please call the ballot helpline on 0800 0 857857.

Please return your ballot paper by 30 October if you work in England, Wales or Scotland, and by 5 November if you work in Northern Ireland.

What was our pay claim?

UNISON pushed hard for a decent pay rise for our members. Along with the other unions, our pay claim was for:

  • a rise of RPI plus 3%, or a minimum increase of £3,349;
  • £10 per hour minimum rate of pay;
  • all universities to become accredited by the Living Wage Foundation;
  • a 35-hour working week;
  • action to close the gender and ethnicity pay gaps;
  • action to reduce excessive workloads and combat stress.

The employers’ offer

University employers won’t stump up. Their offer falls short, with the majority of HE staff being offered a rise of 1.8%, and lower paid staff offered between 1.82% and 3.65%. Check the pay award for your spinal column point in the final pay offer.

Use our pay calculator below to see how much pay you’ve lost over the last ten years, and find your university on our map below to see what your VC is paid, whether your employer is Living Wage accredited, and what its standard support staff contract is.

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Some members are also being balloted on their USS pension. Find out more here.

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  • VC pay refers to the total remuneration of the head of provider for 2017/18 based on Office for Students’ data.
  • Living Wage accreditation is based on the Living Wage Foundation’s employer lists.
  • Support staff weekly hours equates to the standard full-time contract for support staff within that university/HEI

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