Tricks but no treats

Join us on Monday to stop this nightmare that is the Trade Union Bill

The government’s Trade Union Bill really is a nightmare for working people, a nightmare made on Downing Street.

This weekend, children up and down the country will knocking on their neighbours’ doors and issuing the traditional challenge: “Trick or treat?”.

But there’s be no treats for their parents at work if this government gets its way – instead the Tories are trying to frighten people away from their union.

Because they really are planning a nightmare for working people.

This Hallowe’en, the ghost of the 19th century Combination Acts is stalking the Conservative Party as they try and make us less effective when it comes to defending our members.

But they won’t succeed.

At work or on the wider stage, working people have a right to call on their union when they’re in trouble.

It’s exactly those times that we’re here for. And we will always be here for our members, no matter what they throw at us.

That’s why UNISON will be at Westminster with other unions and ordinary working people on Monday 2 November to lobby MPs and point out our opposition to this unjust, unnecessary and undemocratic nightmare of a bill.

I’ll be there and I ask everyone who can, to join me in telling our MPs why this bill has no place in a fair society.

If you can’t get there in person, you can still write to or email your MP to tell them why you oppose this bill … and why they should too.

Find out more about our campaign and sign up to support us online at our dedicated campaign pages.