Thank you to everyone who made Sunday a success

Now we build the campaign across out union and society … please join us

Thousands upon thousands of UNISON members – and their families – took time on Sunday to come to Manchester and march saying No to Austerity, Yes to Workers’ Rights.

With flags, banners, hand-painted slogans and placards declaring “I’m proud to be in UNISON”, they made their feelings known to the government, while ministers hid away in nearby Manchester Central for the annual Conservative party conference.

Women, men and children, all marching with good humour, warmth and friendliness, but determined to show politicians their pride in their union, and their anger at the austerity policies that are seeing communities devastated by public service cuts, job losses and pay freezes.

The government’s determination to undermine unions at work rather than dealing with the living standards crisis, which is hurting millions of working families has brought these quiet militants out onto the streets.

And this is only the beginning. We will not let this injustice stand.

The Trade Union Bill is an unnecessary attack on the rights of all working people to be supported and represented in their workplace.

It’s an attack on the very people the Conservatives claim to speak for – working people.

Combined with hastily announced cuts to tax credits which threaten to leave ordinary working families up to £3,000 a year worse off, the government is dealing a crushing one-two blow to thousands of teaching assistants, school meals staff, PCSOs, cooks, cleaners, health care assistants and nurses.

UNISON members have shown they will not stand by while their families, their incomes and their union are under attack.

They have shown their pride in their union and their pride in the work they do every day as trade unionists – helping people at work whenever they need it.

Our demonstration was a fantastic display of colour, passion and solidarity. But it is only the beginning. This union will build on the demonstration to mobilise our members to fight the Trade Union Bill on every level. Campaign packs have been sent to all oiur branches so they can start to build local resistance.

The next national focus for the campaign is 2 November when UNISON will join other TUC unions in a mass lobby of Parliament; bringing thousands of our members to Westminster to speak directly to their MPs and tell them why the Bill is unfair, unnecessary and just plain wrong.

Thank you to everyone who made Sunday a success, but one day won’t do it.

Now we build the campaign in our union, in Parliament and across civil society. Please join us.