Group structure and contacts

Members can contact their young members’ representatives in UNISON branches to discuss any issues that might arise in their workplace.

Branches are grouped into 12 regions across the UK, and these are administrated by the head office in London.

To phone regional contacts, please call 0800 0 857 857.

UNISON National Officer, Young Members

Josephine Grahl


John Lawrence

East Midlands

Lynsey Tod

Scott Weightman

Greater London

Tahreen Dewan

Nathan Burns


Anya Durrant

Northern Ireland

Susan Neill

Caitlin Chathail

North West

Katie Doyle


Jan Plazalski

South East

Thomas Rhodes

South West

Tom Hemmings



West Midlands

Rebecca Dalton

Jennifer Morris

Yorkshire and Humberside

Anna Kuzemczak

Joanne Turnbull