As the union of a million women in public services, we take the menopause seriously. It’s a workplace issue – nearly eight out of 10 menopausal women are in work.

What does UNISON do?

UNISON campaigns to help employers understand the effects of the menopause. While everyone experiences it differently, 59% of women say their symptoms have had a negative impact on their work.

Our trained reps negotiate practical policies with employers to keep you healthy and safe, promote the benefits of a supportive and flexible environment, and help to protect you from discrimination.

UNISON calls for meaningful workplace support for anyone experiencing the menopause. Younger women can experience symptoms too through early menopause, or medical or surgical menopause. Trans people, including non-binary people, can also experience the menopause.

Check out our guidance and model workplace policy in the resources section below.

What can I do?

The menopause is an issue for everyone who cares about fairness in the workplace, not only those who experience it directly.

Speak to your colleagues about what would make your workplace more supportive, from smaller practical adjustments to wider cultural change. Feed your ideas back to your UNISON rep who can help to take them forward with your employer.

Ask your regional education team about our popular member learning courses and activist workshops.

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