UNISON is committed to achieving equality in the workplace for all. This means challenging the racism experienced by Black members in the workplace and in wider society – at branch, regional and national level.

At branch level

Branches are encouraged to set up branch Black workers’ self-organised groups which meet to:

  • discuss local terms and conditions
  • build a support network for members facing problems at work
  • provide a forum for the debate of race equality issues
  • assist members in gaining the confidence to get involved in other levels of the union.

Where a recognised group is established a representative should be on the branch committee to assist the branch to organise for race equality.

Regional Black members committees

Each of UNISON’s 12 regions has a regional Black members’ committee that meets regularly.

Regional Black members’ committees are involved in a whole range of activities, including:

  • taking up places on the regional structures to represent Black members
  • supporting and helping to establish Black workers groups in branches
  • working with the community and other campaign groups
  • and working closely with the other self-organised groups in UNISON.

If you want to find out where your local Black members’ group is based or find out what they can do for you, invite your regional Black members’ contact to your next branch meeting to give a presentation.

Alternatively, you can simply telephone them for advice.

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National Black members’ self-organisation

This is co-ordinated by the national Black members’ committee, made up of the regional representatives along with representatives from the national committees on behalf of the lesbian gay bisexual and transgender members, women members and disabled members.

A national Black members’ conference is held every year, at which Black members from branch and regional groups meet to discuss issues and decide on their priorities for the coming year.

It also provides a good introduction to other national UNISON conferences.

Full details about national Black members’ conference

The national Black members’ committee is a recognised part of the union structure and works with other national committees, such as the national executive council and national negotiators, to ensure that race equality is kept at the heart of UNISON’s activities.