The UNISON rule book

UNISON’s rules govern the way the union runs and how various parts of the union, including branches, regions, service groups and membership groups, work. They also outline the rights and responsibilities of members.

The rules are published in the UNISON rulebook. A new edition is produced after every national delegate conference, which incorporates the latest updates and rule changes (agreed by a two-thirds majority of delegates to the conference).

Download the UNISON rule book (PDF)

UNISON policy and procedure for dealing with misconduct by members in relation to UNISON employees

Every member is entitled to a copy of the latest edition of the UNISON rulebook. New copies are automatically sent to your branch with each update and hard copies can be ordered by contacting the union’s member liaison unit by email or by telephone (020 7121 5131).

The rules cover a number of issues:

  • the union’s aims and objectives, including:
    • organising and representing people employed in providing services to the public whether in the public, private or voluntary sectors,
    • improving pay and conditions,
    • protecting the rights of members and ensuring they are treated with equality,
    • promoting trade unionism,
    • promoting and protecting public services;
  • members’ rights and responsibilities;
  • membership benefits including death benefit, accident benefit, fatal accident benefit; education and training grants, welfare benefits;
  • organisation, structure and democracy;
  • subscriptions and finance;
  • political funds;
  • legal assistance.