Why the London elections are important for public services

On 5 May Londoners will go to the polls to choose the next Mayor and Assembly Members. The choices they make will have a big impact on the future of the city’s public services.

The elections are set against a background where public services, the welfare state and trade union organisation are under unprecedented attack from the Conservative government. In London the cost of living continues to soar, public services are under ever increasing pressure, and housing is at crisis point with the Housing Bill only likely to be make things worse.

The Mayor of London has an annual budget of around £17 billion, ultimate responsibility for over 85,000 members of staff, and a wide ranging remit that affects every single person who visits, lives or works in the city. Whoever the next Mayor is, they will have the capacity to make or break London’s public services.

UNISON encourages our London members to vote for a candidate who values London’s public services and the trade unions that represent them. We want to see a Mayor whose mission is to foster these services to help make the capital a happier, healthier and more affordable place to live.

Sadiq Khan sets out his vision for London to UNISON members

Sadiq Khan cropped

Writing in a blog for UNISON, Labour’s London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan sets out how he will make London a safer and more affordable place to live, with plans for: more affordable housing; freezing transport fares; a push for the London Living Wage; and keeping bobbies on the beat policing in local neighbourhoods.

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