UNISON Labour Link

Labour Link works directly within the Labour Party to take UNISON’s policies into the heart of the party.

We work at local and national level and have a network of Labour Link officers at branch, regional and national levels who work together and with other affiliated unions.

UNISON Labour Link regional contact officers

Each UNISON region has a political contact officer who works with the regional Labour Link committees on its activities and organisation.

Labour Link

Parliamentary officer Mark Ferguson leads the team responsible for Labour Link work. Email: labourlink@unison.co.uk

Labour Link Scotland

The UNISON Labour Link political contact officer in Scotland is Simon MacFarlane. Email: s.macfarlane@unison.co.uk UNISON also has a number of lay members on the Scottish Labour Party Executive.

Labour Link Wales

Labour Link works closely with the Welsh Assembly. It has established a UNISON group of Labour Assembly Members (AMs) and works with them, providing briefings and lobbying on issues affecting UNISON members. The contact officer is Steve Belcher Email: s.belcher@unison.co.uk

Registration as an affiliated Labour Party supporter: thank you

Thank you for activating your vote and becoming an affiliated Labour party supporter. UNISON will pass on your details to the Labour party who will send you information on how you can use your vote. UNISON will also contact you in coming weeks with details of how you can find out more about the candidates […]

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