Our objectives

UNISON’s main priority for 2018 will be to break the Westminster government’s pay cap policy and respond to the challenges posed by the implementation of the Trade Union Act and the European Union exit negotiations.

Our objectives are to:

  • Enhance our capability to meet the recruiting, organisational and representational challenges posed by austerity measures including cuts, workforce reductions, reorganisations, attacks on facility time and privatisation. Ensuring the union is relevant to all members who provide public services – including those who work in the private sector – regardless of the economic sector in which they work . To identify and develop leadership from across the union membership. To enhance our democracy by increasing and widening participation amongst our activists and members.


  • Protect and secure fair pay and terms and conditions, high quality employment and pensions for UNISON members, building confidence for industrial action when required. To break the Westminster and devolved governments’ pay cap policy and deliver real pay increases for members. Promoting equal pay and equality and challenging all forms of discrimination, including racism, supporting migrant workers, and promoting UNISON’s alternative economic strategy.


  • Develop our public service campaigns in support of quality public services, in defence of the NHS, Education , Local Government, Social Care , Police and all public services, building our political influence, forging alliances with unions, appropriate campaigning and community groups to challenge the austerity programme, including challenging the attacks on the welfare state. To campaign for the election of governments in Westminster, and the devolved nations, and councils which value public services and working people, rejecting the arguments of the Tory government and all far right parties.


  • Ensure that the union’s structures including organisational, lay member, ICT infrastructure and internal management systems and the distribution of our resources are accessible, efficient and effective to meet the changing needs of all sections of the union and its members.