Our COVID-19 risk assessment

The UK Government has set out guidance for organisations returning to their normal workplaces during the coronavirus pandemic.

This guidance sets out the expectation for risk assessments to be published on employers’ own websites.

UNISON has around 1300 staff, so we are following government guidance and publishing our risk assessment.

Many of our staff remain working from home, with a gradual phasing of a return to the office. As more staff return to work in our offices, we may update our published risk assessments.

Below is the latest version of our risk assessment across all of our sites that UNISON staff work from, this will be reviewed in line with Government advice as and when required, but as a minimum on a monthly basis.

We have assessed the risks associated with returning to work and implemented a series of measures to reduce these risks. Our objective is to ensure a safe return to work for UNISON that reduces risk to staff and complies with government guidance. We will take all staff into consideration including those who cannot attend site.

UNISON Covid 19 General Risk Assessment