19 Jun 2013 16:16

Appointment of Jackie Smith NMC chief executive

UNISON, the UK's largest health union, today welcomed the appointment of Jackie Smith as chief executive of the Nursing and Midwifery Council saying she will provide the continued stability and leadership that the organisation needs.

However, the union criticised the way the appointment was made in light of previous concerns over the NMC's management of business processes.

Gail Adams UNISON head of nursing said:

I have faith in Jackie's leadership and her ability to work with council to take the NMC forward and I congratulate her on the appointment. UNISON has developed a strong working relationship with her and the new chair.

Sadly Jackie's re-appointment without re seeking any external applicants, is a missed opportunity for the NMC to demonstrate that they have listened to criticism and introduced new, more transparent procedures.

Any NHS organisation failing to go through a rigorous recruitment process would rightly be criticised and its right and proper that we should expect only the highest standards from the regulator. This is the way to help re-build registrant’s confidence which has taken a knock over the past few years.

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